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Welcome to Aurora Memorials


Aurora Memorials would like to help you create a work of art that will express the personality of a special person. The memorial that you choose will stand as an enduring statement about a person, a lasting symbol of a special life you want to remember and commemorate.

How do I choose a memorial?

You might call it a monument, headstone, memorial, gravestone, tombstone, or marker.
All are appropriate terms. When it is time to purchase one, there are many choices to be made, but the process is simple.

Choose the size and color of stone

Choose a design

Choose what you would like to say

Choose how much you would like to spend

You have a choice!

At Aurora Memorials, our job is to make you feel comfortable with what you want to do, and let you be in control. We present you with choices and you decide. We help you refine your ides until it feels "right" to you. We help you define the unique memorial you have in mind. Each commission will recieve the personal attention of one of our craftsmen.

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Green Burial Council

Green Burial Markers

More of us are seeking an environmentally friendly approach in our lives. It follows that we will continue to embrace that approach as we plan for our deaths.

In a green burial ground, memorialization is still important. We need a place to go to remember. As we celebrate and remember a life well lived, the memorial becomes an enduring, natural part of the landscape.

A marker for a green burial ground doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive or use natural resources.

Aurora Memorials is pleased to offer memorials of natural stone, simply carved, that will blend into any setting. These simple memorials are appropriate for natural burial grounds or as a personal memorial in your home garden.

Prices start at $125.00